Water Pump Repair Kits


Water Pump Repair Kits include all necessary parts for replacement of your water pump. Select your Tohatsu Outboard application from the list.
(Note: picture may not be of actual kit.)

Tohatsu Water Pump Repair Kit

Water Pump Repair Kits include all necessary parts for replacement of your water pump.
(Note: picture may not be of actual kit.)

Part Number
Applicable Models
309650211MImpeller OnlyM2/3.5A & A2 (2-Stroke)
3AB873220MWater Pump Repair KitMFS2/3.5 (4-Stroke)
3F0873221MWater Pump Repair KitM3.5B2 (2-Stroke)
369873221MWater Pump Repair KitM/5B (2-Stroke) & MFS4/5/6 (4-Stroke)
3B2873222MWater Pump Repair KitM8/9.8B (2-Stroke) & MFS8/9.8(4-Stroke)
362873221MWater Pump Repair KitM9.9/15/18 (2-Stroke)
MFS15/18/20 (4-Stroke) *Not for EFI MODELS
3RS873220MWater Pump Repair Kit9.9/15/20hp 4-stroke models "E" (EFI) models only
DOES NOT fit the 9.9/15/20 C & D (carbureted) models
361873220MWater Pump Repair KitM25C2 & C3 /M30A3 & A4 /M40C (2-Stroke)
3NV873220MWater Pump Repair KitMFS25/30 (4-Stroke)
3C8873223MWater Pump Repair KitM40/50D2 (2-Stroke)
3T5873223MWater Pump Repair KitMD40/50 (TLDI) & MFS40/50A (4-Stroke)
3F3652312MWater Pump Repair KitM60/70B & C (2-Stroke)
HZZ3-06193-010Water Pump Repair KitBFT60A (4-Stroke) (standard model)
HZZ3-06194-000Water Pump Repair KitBFTW60A (4-Stroke) (Power Thrust model)
HZY9-06193-H01Water Pump Repair KitBFT75/90A (4-Stroke)
3B7652311MWater Pump Repair KitM90A (2-Stroke)
3C7873222MWater Pump Repair KitMD70/75/90/115 (TLDI)
M115/140A2 (2-Stroke)
HZY6-06192-000Water Pump Repair KitBFT115/150A (4-Stroke) (Standard Kit)
HZY6-06193-A01Water Pump Repair KitBFT115/150A (4-Stroke) (Deluxe Kit)
HZY3-06192-000Water Pump Repair KitBFT200/225A (4-Stroke) (Standard Kit)
HZY3-06193-010Water Pump Repair KitBFT200/225A (4-Stroke) (Deluxe Kit)
HZX2-06192-C00Water Pump Repair KitBFT250A (4-Stroke) (Standard Kit)
HZX2-06193-C00Water Pump Repair KitBFT250A (4-Stroke) (Deluxe Kit)

Additional information

Choose Application

M2/3.5A & A2 (2-Stroke), MFS2/3.5 (4-Stroke), M3.5B2 (2-Stroke), M/5B (2-Stroke) & MFS4/5/6 (4-Stroke), M8/9.8B (2-Stroke) & MFS8/9.8 (4-Stroke), M9.9/15/18 (2-Stroke) MFS15/18/20 (4-Stroke), MFS9.9/15/20 "E" EFI 4-Stroke models only, M25C2 & C3 /M30A3 & A4 /M40C (2-Stroke), MFS25/30 (4-Stroke), M40/50D2 (2-Stroke), MD40/50 (TLDI) & MFS40/50A (4-Stroke), M60/70B & C (2-Stroke), BFT60A (4-Stroke) (standard model), BFTW60A (4-Stroke) (Power Thrust model), BFT75/90A (4-Stroke), M90A (2-Stroke), MD70/75/90/115 (TLDI) M115/140A2 (2-Stroke), BFT115/150A (4-Stroke) (Standard Kit), BFT115/150A (4-Stroke) (Deluxe Kit), BFT200/225A (4-Stroke) (Standard Kit), BFT200/225A (4-Stroke) (Deluxe Kit), BFT250A (4-Stroke) (Standard Kit), BFT250A (4-Stroke) (Deluxe Kit)


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