Speedometer (White) – 70MPH, GPS-enabled


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WHITE Face GPS enabled 70mph Speedometer - 3.375 inch (85mm) diameter.

No external antenna required; GPS information is gathered from an internal GPS antenna. Fits a standard 3.375 inch (85mm) instrument dash hole which makes this GPS Speedometer the perfect drop-in replacement for your current speedometer. Uses a highly accurate 48 channel GPS receiver to provide speed accuracy within 1 mph.

Speed data is shown by an analog pointer. The pointer is driven by a digital stepper motor for increased accuracy and minimized pointer bounce during vessel operation.

Manufactured by Faria Instruments for Tohatsu. Gauge has a chrome bezel and is back-lit for easy viewing at night/dusk. Features a domed lens to minimize glare in direct sunlight and a fog & scratch resistant coating.


  • No external GPS antenna required!
  • Premium LED back-lit dial
  • Ultra fast satellite acquisition time; 1 second from Hot Start
  • Speed accuracy of +/- 1 MPH
  • Digital stepper motor driven pointer
  • Ideal replacement for speed sensing devices, such as pitot tube and paddle wheel, that fail over time
  • Perfect for slow moving vessels where pitot tubes just don't work
  • Deutsch style weatherproof connectors

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