Suzuki Genuine Shift & Throttle Control Cables


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Suzuki Shift and Throttle Cables

Suzuki Shift and Throttle Cables

Suzuki Performance Shift and Throttle Cables have a unique design that incorporates a patent-pending splined core. Ridges on the core allow a close fit to the cable’s inner liner with minimum contact, allowing the core to glide back and forth smoothly. All cables are factory tested and approved for heavy use applications. Order cable length as needed, sold individually.
Available in 1 ft. increments from 8′ to 30′.

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8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft, 11 ft, 12 ft, 13 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft, 16 ft, 17 ft, 18 ft, 19 ft, 20 ft, 21 ft, 22 ft, 23 ft, 24 ft, 25 ft, 26 ft, 27 ft, 28 ft, 29 ft, 30 ft

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