2024 Mercury AVATOR 7.5 ESH Electric Outboard



Brand: Mercury Outboards
Size: 750W
Type: Electric Outboard 

Shaft Length: 15″ (Short Shaft)

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The Mercury® Avator™ 7.5e electric outboard delivers speed and acceleration performance similar to a 3.5hp internal combustion outboard, making it ideally suited for a variety of small boats, tenders and as secondary power on sailboats. Available in tiller and remote steer models, it features a quick-connect battery and intuitive controls that make setup and operation a breeze. And with advanced displays and other technologies that monitor your battery level and range, you can explore the water with confidence.

Intuitive, Innovative Features

Quick-Connect Battery
The 1 kWh lithium-ion battery has no cables to connect. It slides into place under the flip-up top cowl, saving you valuable space within the boat. Need to go even farther? No problem. You can bring along an available spare battery that swaps into place in seconds.

Multi-Purpose Tiller Handle
The Avator tiller was designed to let anyone take the helm with confidence. It adjusts up, down, left or right for comfortable steering from any position or with either hand, and it folds down to become a convenient carrying handle.

Transverse Flux Motor
The industry-first transverse flux motor generates high torque with little effort, for quick acceleration. And with an efficient overall design, you can enjoy full, exciting days on the water.

High-Efficiency Prop
The Avator propeller is crafted of a high-strength, impact-resistant composite material. Its three-blade design is optimized for efficiency to help extend battery life.

Smooth & Quiet
With its whisper-quiet motor and ultra-smooth performance, a Mercury Avator electric outboard will get you where you’re going without interrupting the conversation.

Quick & Fun
With Boost Mode, you get even more power when you need it. The system automatically doles out up to 20% more torque during hard accelerations, contributing to faster acceleration than similar competitive products.

Superior Efficiency
From the transverse flux motor to the lithium-ion battery, we optimized every aspect of the Avator propulsion system to deliver more efficient overall performance than the competition.


Additional information

Shaft Length

15" (Short)

Tilt & Trim



Mercury Marine




Mercury Marine




  • Mercury® Avator™ electric propulsion systems. Calm, quiet and smooth, an Avator outboard lets you fully immerse yourself in nature. Explore the water with confidence thanks to advanced lithium-ion batteries and an intelligent system that displays your state of charge and estimated range. With intuitive controls plus easy setup and operation, Avator outboards transform the boating experience.


  • Avator outboards are built to the same high standards and backed by the same network of authorized dealers that have made Mercury the industry leader


  • Avator makes boating possible with no exhaust fumes and zero direct emissions. And each outboard is crafted with many components that are recyclable or reusable.


  • The whisper-quiet motor and ultra-smooth performance ensure you’ll hear every detail of every adventure. It’s outboard technology that helps you fully immerse in the natural world around you.


  • Take the helm with confidence with intuitive tiller controls that are comfortable, responsive and easy to use. And with minimal maintenance, an Avator outboard is ready to go when you are.


  • Industry-first transverse flux motor technology generates high torque with little effort, maximizing battery life to extend your range while providing quick acceleration and efficient performance.


  • Engineered exclusively for marine duty, Avator lithium-ion batteries are safe, efficient 48V power sources that keep your adventures moving. Modular and portable designs let you bring along the power you need.


  • Avator smart chargers have you covered. They constantly monitor voltage and current to deliver a safe, effective charge on a standard household outlet. Higher-speed chargers are also available.


  • Vivid full-color displays provide all the information you need to enjoy your adventures, including range estimates and an up-to-the-second battery life meter.


  • A SmartCraft® Connect module (available as an accessory for the 7.5e outboard) provides access to the new Mercury Marine app, which includes a GPS map with range estimates, digital gauges and more.


  • The hydrodynamic lower unit and durable, ultra-efficient prop were made to move. They effortlessly carve through the water, maximizing runtime for maximum fun.


  • The Avator 7.5e electric outboard delivers clean, quiet power in a portable package that’s perfect for a variety of small boats, tenders and as secondary power on sailboats.


  • With Boost Mode, the system automatically doles out up to 20% more torque during hard accelerations, contributing to faster acceleration than similar competitive products.


  • Every Avator outboard is engineered with Mercury’s proven corrosion-preventive materials and coatings, so you can boat confidently in freshwater or saltwater.


  • With no fuel and no fumes, an Avator outboard is convenient to store at home or on a larger boat. The quick-connect bracket enhances portability, allowing you to install the tiller model in a snap.


MODELMercury Avator 7.5E Electric Outboard
BATTERYIntegrated 1kWh
CHARGER110W (Standard)
Total Weight (Excluding Battery)43 lbs
Battery Weight17 lbs
Propeller12.7 x 7P


  • 1kWh Battery
  • 110w Charger
  • Propeller
  • Owner’s Manual